Rainer Hess & Tim Hippmann in Seoul


We, Rainer Hess and Tim Hippmann, started the project "Wineahrt" in 2007. Wineahrt consists of the words "Wine" and "Art". Add to this the (German river) "Ahr", which in turn playfully feeds into the word. Regarding our project everything revolves around art and wine, closely connected to the region in which we live. Rainer Hess, lives and works as an artist and wine-grower in the village of Mayschoß an der Ahr.

Tim Hippmann lives and works meanwhile at the Chiemsee in bavaria, before he was living in Remagen on the other side of the county towards the Rhine. We both have different priorities in our work, but both correspond in content and feel.

Our last big project took us to Seoul in South Korea. Read more...  

Sincerely,   Rainer Hess & Tim Hippmann

PRESS (german articles)


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