The art vineyard...
... at the Mönchberg in Mayschoss

In spring 2004, the artist Rainer Hess will plant the first art vineyard in the Ahr valley. As if mirroring the Ahr in the valley "Der Fluss des roten Rebensaftes” (The river of the red grape juice) will find its second appearance in the middle of the vines on the hillside.

The material used grows here naturally from the vine, traditionally the "finest food" this district has to offer (Council of Ahrweiler, 1602). This is because Hess' picture of the red grape juice is a design with colored leafage. “Dunkelfelder” (Dark Fields) - even the name of the variety with the mystically interconnected sound, suggests - not only does it give a dark red tone in the cup, but also refers to the colour of the autumn vineyard and its bright red leaves. Following a targeted arrangement they mark the river motif. Riesling, which produces the racy spicy drop, develops the yellow-green leaf stock. The red Dunkelfelder, meanders through this green bed, just like the river meanders through the green banks of the Ahr valley. 

In late summer 2007, the process concludes: The art vineyard is in full color. Walkers can stroll down the red wine trail. There are three planted plots. One is above and two are below the trail. In order for the trail not to become a bald corridor, Rainer Hess connected, the plots by means of a pergola. He planted Dunkelfelder and Riesling vines, entwining around the arches. The red wine trail becomes a tunnel, where visitors of the vineyard, can witness red or green and yellow grapes, as well as leaves, unfolding from close range. 


Summary of the art vineyard 

Title: "Der Fluss des roten Rebensaftes” (The river of the red grape juice) 

Location: Mayschoss Mönchberg (Kehsteck) 

Size: Three plots – a total of 2317 square meters 

- One plot above the wine trail - 959 square meters 

- Two plots below the path - 1227 and 131 square meters 

Variety: Dunkelfelder, Riesling 

Planted / "harvest": Spring 2007 / Late summer 2004  

For more information, click here for a PDF document (German)  


Chancellor candidate Frank Walter Steinmeier, Minister-President Kurt Beck, SPD vice deputy Andrea Nahles in the art vineyard with Rainer Hess

Mayschoß (ddp-rps). "Where are we now?" Frank Walter Steinmeier is asking with interested. It is a warm Friday afternoon, the chancellor candidate of the SPD is in a vineyard on the Ahr and Rainer Hess explains his art project. In the midst of one hundred years old Riesling vines, he planted young red vines. The grape is called "Da Capo", and their vines simulate the flow of the Ahr in the vineyard. This is " river of the red grape juice," says the artist, and also it is "a work that comes and goes," with the colour of the leaves and the seasons ... Read the article (German)


Photos: Werner Drescher: Rainer Hess, Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Andrea Nahles 

The art vineyard in Sant Jordi, Spain


Article Rheinzeitung, 03/08, PDF, 1mb



The land art project by the artist Tim Hippmann. In spring and summer,Stone pyramids and cairns of a most bizarre kind will be build in the vicinity of the Ahr, the “Red wine trail” and the surrounding county. 

The stone heaps will remain until they are destroyed either by animals or by the wind. Of course, children will have fun to try out whether one or the other stone will still find its place...