wine filter
painted with wine pigments

Painted with wine pigments

Rainer Hess is an artist and winemaker. Born 1960 in Mayschoss, he is living in his parental home. His paintings are fed by the experiences he gathers through his second profession as a winemaker. His motifs are red wine landscapes, rocks and "Rebenglut" (glowing grape vines). To some of the paintings images, the vine itself has found direct access through its own colouring.

Quote from a press article of the Bonner General-Anzeiger

"The winemaker and artist Rainer Hess, who was born in 1960 in Mayschoß, still lives and works there in a studio built on the bare rocks. For him, the wine and its landscape have been a topic for years.

But Hess is working in the abstract. "Wein.Rausch.Filter" (Wine.Rush.Filter) is the overarching theme of his new paintings, in which the coloring is determined by red wine and grape juice. Used wine filters are also utilized as a painting base.

Sweepingly applied colors and lines that run throughout the paintings, carry the tension to non-representational art. And yet: More again, the complex, lively images of natural structures give the recipient the impression to recognize fragments of rocks and wine landscapes."













Rock atelier from above
Looking up…
... View from below
The workplace
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